Hong Kong restaurant pays salaries for 250 staff to visit families for a day

For staff at a Hong Kong restaurant group the “Today Here I Am” brunch is more than a paid holiday — it’s an opportunity to say goodbye.

A Hong Kong restaurant group is paying $650,000 to bring 250 staff to see their families for a four-day break.

Nearly a year to the day after the government imposed a pay cut for its municipal workers, staff at Golden Eagle restaurant group were presented with the cheque on Tuesday.

“We are very grateful for this rare opportunity, we hope it will boost the morale of the team and give everyone a chance to enjoy some down time,” said Tan Kwan Cheung, Golden Eagle Chairman.

“We will also miss them, and when they are back we will try to see whether we can make things work for them,” he said.

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Hong Kong’s civil service unions came under harsh criticism for implementing a 4 percent pay cut to fill a budget gap.

The move angered the public and led to mass demonstrations against the state, costing Hong Kong’s leader a promise of a second term.

It also landed them in court and as campaigners move to lift the ban on protesters attending Hong Kong’s mid-autumn festival, there are fears the government will be back on the offensive.

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