‘I was a little in shock when I saw him’: Dolph Lundgren on seeing Alec Baldwin in character as Rocky in ‘Rocky IV’

When actor Dolph Lundgren saw that Alec Baldwin had become an unexpected guest on the popular US television show The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he was surprised by something his peer hadn’t yet done himself: a depiction of Dolph.

Lundgren, who was recently announced as the star of a new action movie based on the Arnold Schwarzenegger character, The Predator, was shocked to see Baldwin on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as his character in the 1987 film, Rocky IV. “I knew he had played me,” Lundgren told The New York Times. “And I knew he played Rocky again, but I didn’t think he had played me. So I was a little in shock when I saw him.”

The two actors, both of whom had attended the University of Southern California, had gotten to know each other over the years. “We had that relationship where you could be laughing and acting as a buddy and also be friendly and cool,” Lundgren said.

As for Baldwin’s role in the news recently for his impersonation of President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live, Lundgren did not seem as supportive as Baldwin’s own daughter, Ireland, who has defended her father on social media: “The level of respect that was shown to me by him was amazing,” Lundgren said. “I was a little shocked that he shot it. I have no idea where it’s going.”

Last year, Lundgren had also expressed shock that another character he played — Snake Plissken in a remake of the 1980s film “The Terminator” — would not have a similar lightning rod-making guest spot. “When I was doing ‘Terminator 2,’ I think they didn’t get along with Arnold, so they turned me into Snake Plissken,” Lundgren said. “Not everyone could do that.”

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