In pre-record breaking court documents, Jeffrey Epstein’s legal nightmare is laid bare

It’s been nearly four years since Jeffrey Epstein, a New York financier and celebrity fixture, pled guilty to soliciting prostitution and fleeing the country. Epstein had touched off a seemingly endless series of federal, state and local investigations, spawning countless stories, and we know little about exactly what happened to him and his alleged victims during his long absence.

Documents obtained by The New York Times last week offer some of the first details about Epstein’s post-plea activities. They offer a glimpse into his final days in West Palm Beach, where he made a final “vacation” to Florida, and into a legal battle that will likely move forward, as details emerge.

The trail of paperwork this week includes comments by U.S. Attorney Alexander Acosta about the Epstein case, an appeal Epstein filed in Florida last year, public appeals filed by Epstein’s attorney and his accuser, graphic photographs and videos of sex acts, flight logs, social media communications, emails, health records, purchase agreements for children and many, many other documents. You can read them in the document dump below.

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