Is Ines de la Fressange the best gossip girl ever?

Remember Ines de la Fressange ? She’s the French model who dated Vogue magazine editor Grace Coddington and photographer David Bailey. Ines was so smitten with Grace that she even told her to hold on to the reject cocktail napkins of gorgeous shots he’d made her the night before because they were perfect for the perfect post-coital photos.

Well, now Ines has left the chandelier dangling with her beloved (or maybe just faithful?) fashion photographer. She’s parting ways with David after two decades, and she’s taking a massive share of the blame.

“He kind of became my obsession — that’s why I left home! I got sick of the idea of being a wife,” she recently said in an interview with The Guardian . “It wasn’t an issue between us so much as a confrontation between us on a huge scale.”

Of course, to hear Ines tell it, her ex’s betrayal was even more drastic than she’d anticipated.

“I watched his cat disappear into the bushes, my inbox was flooded with hundreds of lewd messages from his ex-girlfriend, and … I saw him kissing a beautiful, blonde girl across the street,” she said. “I was so sad I couldn’t believe he was up to this kind of stuff.”

But if you think her heart broke, just wait — it gets worse: After she ended things with him, she added that things got a lot worse.

“I was physically sick. It was the worst moment in my life.”

Our take? They probably got along really well at the beginning, and David’s betrayal may have been hard to fathom. But by the looks of their breakup video , we can tell you that Ines isn’t exactly pining for her ex-boyfriend right now. We trust she’s put the phone down, and we don’t have to read about him anymore, either. You don’t want to call and read what he had to say? Yeah, we would do that, too.

Geez, we hate to tell you this, but Ines was the love of our life, so we’re not getting into any Twitter fights with her! Be strong, Ines!

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