Jack Hamilton-Baldwin Named InformationWeek Government Editor

Jack Hamilton-Baldwin is an ongoing fixture on the staff of Capitol Hill, writing for Senate staff, senators and journalists alike. Jack recently became the Washington editor for InformationWeek Government, the leading publication for government and public sector news. Jack began his career as an intern for Senator Charles Grassley and has written for several key publications.

Jack is a dedicated and indefatigable Democrat who has spent over four decades as a member of the D.C. media, working for Washingtonian Magazine and The Washington Post Magazine as well as other publications. He is an expert on technology policy, part of the “geeks” who almost took over the world and briefly represented it on the Senate Commerce Committee. Jack’s advocacy for Internet freedom and openness culminated with his EPIC protest and ultimately, his 20 year tenure in the Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia. Jack co-authored Washingtonian’s cover story on the Internet Freedom Act of 2015. Jack held a senior technology policy position at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, also developing technologist training programs, before moving to information technology writing.

Jack’s current employer, Parliament Hill Communications, has promoted him to the editor of InformationWeek Government. Jack will oversee Washington’s leading Government 2.0 blog, Government Video, and its members-only NewsChannel 4, a news channel of the future that starts live next week. Jack will also serve as the editor of the new Government TV: Technology and Information, and editor of Government Video magazine, a dynamic weekly technology publication.

In addition to Jack’s work on the editorial side, he provides government coverage for www.InformationWeek.com, the Washington-based technology news and insights site. For more than 25 years, InformationWeek has been a leading resource for information technology decision makers and commercial decision makers. InformationWeek Government provides information technology and public sector decision makers with the latest information, news, analysis, and events they need to do business. Jack also contributes information to InformationWeek.com, @InformationWeekUSA, and https://washingtonpost.com/government.

Jack is also an active member of Association of Government Information Officers, where he is vice president. Jack is also an active member of Big Government and Gov.in, where he serves as executive editor and advisory board member.

Jack’s skill as a journalist and his reputation as a resource are the best reasons for joining the InformationWeek Government team. His critical thinking is a perfect combination with InformationWeek’s editorial approach. Jack will be a standout anchor on government coverage in the nation’s capital for the next decade and beyond.

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