Spreading the Net: Woman Killed by Her Landlord Picked Up After Mysterious Call to Police

A lawsuit filed on behalf of a Pennsylvania mother and her two young children says the mother had been murdered after her landlord failed to do the much needed maintenance work that could have prevented the death.

The lawsuit filed last week in Greene County, Pa., alleges the landlord of a home in Reading allegedly didn’t change the locks to the home, which led to the three murders in June.

“The defendant failed to ensure that the ‘locked’ gate (sic) of the defendant’s premises with regard to the street was locked, preventing both Georgina Dombrowski and her two minor children from leaving their residence during the time of the murders and thereafter,” reads the suit.

Dombrowski, a single mother of two, was found beaten to death on June 12, and her daughter and son, ages 2 and 4, were found dead the next day. All three were found in bed with their beds unplugged, which means that whoever was in the home had to physically open the doors to check them in order to pull the bodies off of the beds.

After learning of the murder, the property owner of the home, Tamara Sennett-Cooney, stated that they had called around to different landlords in the area and could not find a similar home that required such a lock.

The suit filed on behalf of Dombrowski states Sennett-Cooney previously worked with Dombrowski through the PennCare counseling program, where she helped the mother cope with the death of her 6-year-old son last year, which was caused by a brain tumor.

Dombrowski was also fighting a years-long battle with Sennett-Cooney over whether or not she was supposed to be living in the home. A demand for a default judgment was filed against Sennett-Cooney, stating that she owes Dombrowski and her children $670,000 in additional rent.

Dombrowski’s landlord is accused of not acting fast enough to ensure Dombrowski and her children were safe.

Scott Raucheisen filed the suit and the widow is represented by Ken Connell and Michae Lekkas.

The Investigative Project On Terrorism reported the murderer was a Philadelphia man with no criminal record who only came to the attention of authorities through a confidential tip.

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