The pet ban: US residents now unable to bring pets to the country

Maybe you’ve read the news about the ban on pets entering the United States…

So far, only two individuals have been admitted into the United States. Those individuals are a chihuahua, and a five-week-old duckling. The duckling chick has been released into a local pig farmer. The chihuahua pup was released at a pet shelter, where it could receive veterinary care.

The ban came after a K9 dog bit the arm of a Canadian border official. The dog was kept in quarantine, and subsequently transferred to a lab facility in Illinois. The lab is putting all of its dogs through a thorough certification process. The lab states that it does not allow dogs with bite marks of “significant severity.” K9s are not in the lab’s maintenance unit, and are monitored closely.

There are conflicting reports on whether or not a Peeping Tom waited until late morning to pop up in a neighbor’s apartment. I am sorry to say that we can’t help the neighbor, but we do have one suggestion for her. Don’t be so self-conscious about your webcam. Turn it off, and leave it off during your stay in the United States. You will soon forget about the annoying peeping tom, the extra charges at the dog park, or the few drunken fun times with the neighbors.

With possible rainy weather still in the forecast, we encourage pet owners in and out of the United States to be considerate of the other vacationers along the Pacific coast. Having a pet may seem harmless and fun, but there are of course significant environmental and health concerns. Please, please, please not show up at the dog park with a dead dog in your car. Your pet will certainly return home with a summer tick in his stomach, perhaps as many as ten.

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