What a move from producing to writing means for a couple

At a ceremony celebrating two decades of Selling Sunset last week, actor and screenwriter Jason Oppenheim took the stage to praise his longtime producing partner, Chrishell Stause, for steering the show through its ups and downs. But Oppenheim, 38, also mentioned one part of the duo’s career that wasn’t so smooth: the couple’s relationship.

“Most people know me from my work as a producer on Other People, Being Erica and Selling Sunset,” Oppenheim said, referring to TV shows. “But there was one person who was behind the scenes very, very often and left me a little differently today than she left me five or 10 years ago. And that person is my wife. And if I had an Academy Award for acting, she’d be there too. And it may surprise you, but she’s really not that much different than I am.”

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Oppenheim clarified that he was joking. (“Obviously, I’m very grateful for all the great work that I’ve done with my wife. But we’re not the Burt and Halston of TV shows,” he told the magazine.) But a more serious concern is what the move from showrunner to writer on a TV show means for a couple. So are they counseling, or divorced?

“You’ve seen that there’s been a severe increase in The Help-era, terrible divorces recently,” he said. “And you know, you have two very different partners and the process is different. Your expectations are not the same. So some partners do really well. And some partners, absolutely, will not be able to keep up with the pace of where writers are. And as a guy who never wanted to be a writer and didn’t want to be a producer, it’s a very interesting change. And it’s just the truth.”

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