What goes into airline food?

Written by Staff Writer at CNN

Takeaways from a boisterous industry conference would suggest that there’s nothing quite like an airport expo for inspiring unexpected collaboration.

A Boeing executive hosted a tour for European producer The Buckler House Pig, his new working pig.

An air traffic controller lent her story, while a group of travel trade reporters quizzed her about her job and the industry.

Then there’s Australia, where Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry — an attraction based on the iconic Harry Potter books — is considering taking over ailing Australia’s no-frills airline, Tigerair

In “Buckler’s Trap: Airline Unions, Big Business and the Selling of Aviation,” Willem van Straaten , senior lecturer in management and research at Indiana University’s Maurer School of Management, demonstrates how both groups share a dark past.

But by checking in with The Buckler House Pig, travel readers might find themselves thinking about less familiar concerns: What happens to the animals whose flights are disrupted by bird strikes?

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