EXCLUSIVE: Former Acting Secretary Of Defense Steve Hudson On Ukrainians And Russian Sanctions

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“For the past two years a group of senior Air Force officers have carefully examined the issue and have made no credible findings whatsoever that a Russian missile or weapon was used. Many officials in the DoD and in the Obama administration were deceived, not only about what had actually happened but also what it would mean for U.S. foreign policy. A senior Air Force officer just spoke to Tom on Saturday and informed us that the DoD had a unique understanding of the Ukrainian-Russian-U.S. military ties and how important it was that these problems had been addressed.”

— Steve Hudson, former national security and national intelligence advisor


Steve Hudson was a chief of staff to Donald Rumsfeld and chief of staff to Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney from 1991 to 1993.

He is the author of three books including Acting With Courage: How I Lead Our Nation on Uncertain Means, Responsibilities and Consequences.

Follow Steve Hudson on Twitter: @steve_hudson

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