Meet Logan Couture, the teenage girl with the most Instagram followers

Today’s intersex toy exemplar Logan Couture, 15, is a competitive off-road racing driver, becoming the first female to compete in a competitive racing division in Baja in July and winning the division for female teens. She says this gender change at such a young age is relatively unheard of — and sort of cool.

Congrats to young @logancouture on her accomplishments in @Baja1916 and joining the all-female class! Congrats to all the girls! #dorksvflirt — UNICEF (@UNICEF_USA) August 11, 2016

Who knew that writing as “Featherbeak” on Facebook would be equal to signing a written pledge, proclaiming that “I’ll win you over with my kindness! I’ll be passionate, loud, reliable, passionate and of course feisty. I’ll fight! I’ll care! I’ll grow and grow and grow and grow to love you.” That personal affront to many, though, can be chalked up to defending someone’s right to retaliate against, say, being called a transvestite by two women on a plane. In much the same way, the reflex of a rookie race cyclist must be to overthink his or her nearest competitors. That’s a futile process — in the end, everybody’s equal.

Even better: She’s really smart. This kid knows a thing or two about cars. But her Instagram post, when paired with a Q&A with a local TransUSA group, shows more reason for Twitter to take notice. The scariest part is that she has feelings about this, too.

“When I first started [competing], one of the negative parts was when people would ask me in interview after interview if I was concerned about my driving,” she said. “So I started asking them myself. That’s the beginning of myself really talking about myself, how I feel about people’s questions.”

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