Russian Government Supporters Fall In Line In Solidarity With Belarus on Travel Ban

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Belarus added to its vociferous opposition to President Donald Trump’s travel ban, urging the State Department to lift the restrictions for its citizens, citing concern about its ‘national security.’

FOX’s Kim Passoth has more from Belgrade, Serbia:

Pro-Putin government supporters unfurled a huge banner reading “Welcome Belarusians” on the lawn of the Lithuanian Parliament today as it implemented restrictions on travel for citizens of nine Middle Eastern countries.

We reported on this last month when foreign ministry spokesman Mattias Aho said:

“Currently the Belarusians living in the United States may not travel here as long as there is a travel ban. They cannot go to the embassy to see their foreign consul. It’s important for them to still be able to visit Belarus.”

The U.S. government has made it clear that anyone flying to or from the nine countries listed in the travel ban are subjected to extra scrutiny of their documents and potential extremist connections.

Kim Passoth, FOX News.

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