Top 100 CEOs reveal what they’d like to receive

A recent survey carried out by the Deloitte Institute for Investor Relations (CIIR) has discovered that employees tell their chiefs how they’d like to receive traditional and intangible benefits, based on an anonymous questionnaire they filled out.

The survey revealed that 27% of CEOs surveyed indicated that they’d be most thankful for “increasing profitability and revenue”, while 18% said they’d be most thankful for “elevating the company’s executive reputation”. Employees said “improving the company’s reputation among stakeholders” was also among their top three.

This contrasts to how they feel about certain other CEO rewards, according to the survey. A mere 7% of companies are allowing CEOs to sell their shares while they’re still in power.

Another 16% of the survey responders said that they would be most thankful for stock buybacks, while 12% would choose bonus increases, and 9% have for dividends.

This increase in basic dividends is considered important by employees given that it, as in previous years, relates to their compensation. However, 91% of C.E.O.s stated that they’d be most thankful for continuing to receive their current salary.

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