Want to get through Christmas with low light pollution? Get these in your living room

If you look around you at Christmas time, you’ll see lots of people’s living rooms are sort of dark, or gleaming, or something else. People tend to notice all this because the images of brightly lit Christmas trees are pretty ubiquitous. But that sort of decoration really shouldn’t be in your living room — even if you have a fancy TV.

Instead, you should get at least one Christmas light that is hung from an extension cord in just a few places where there’s sunlight, and not on a plain old plain, or (worst of all) a tree. This new trick — called LED Green Arial — works better than any novelty festive lighting you’ve seen for the same reason most “spam” email gets blocked. It blocks unwanted balls of light that gather on your walls. It lasts indefinitely, and if you’re a dim bulb, it can compensate for light that is coming from the ceiling. If you want to save money, as Forbes points out, the bulbs aren’t the one-size-fits-all kind that older lightbulbs were — but, they won’t illuminate your room like a fake green tree does.

In other words, if you want to enjoy some green decorating in your living room, start with your TV.

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Disclosure: This writer’s workplace has Christmas lights.

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